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Household Moving Service

Our highly trained packers will ensure your valuables are packed and loaded safely into our lorry transport. We offer the bonded types of lorry to ensure your household is secure along the way. Written inventories or packing lists will be issued to ensure goods are packed, recorded and moved from your house as required.

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Nizaf Mover offers bonded type of lorry to move your household safely along the way to your new home. Our lorries are maintained regularly to provide better services by ensuring timely and safe deliveries, reducing downtime and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Coverage Throughout Malaysia

We are proud to offer comprehensive coverage in every part of Malaysia including all cities and regions in Sabah & Sarawak.

Our Preferred Client

Customer Feedback

majdi ahmad
majdi ahmad
Servis penghantaran terbaik & pantas dari johor ke kota kinabalu. 2 minggu+- je kereta & barang2 dah sampai dalam keadaan baik. Urusan pun mudah. Recommended. 👍🏼⭐️🌟💫
Dasinen Thiagarajan
Dasinen Thiagarajan
A very trustworthy delivery service. Very fast deliverybas well. They picked up my car and things on 22/7/2023 at KK and I received my car on 25/7/2023 and my things at 26/7/2023 at Semporna. The movers also really take good care of my things. Excellent response from the staf as well! Thank you for your wonderful service.
MixChannel Official
MixChannel Official
Nizaf Mover Terbaik,mudah,pantas,dijamin selamat.
yusop jaridi
yusop jaridi
My family and I were very happy with the services of Nizaf Mover. The crew were punctual, efficient and friendly. Keep up the good job. Yusop
From starting to finish very good in service. Really recommended and good job nizaf mover
dylla faraein
dylla faraein
Service bagus, process hanta kereta kuching to kl smooth and barang and kereta takde scratch
Zul aka JaYern
Zul aka JaYern
Perkhidmatan Terbaik. Barang2 dibalut dgn rapi. Pengambilan / Pemghantaran barang3 mengikut masa yg ditetapkan dan dalam keadaan selamat.
Tze Wei Yew (Alan)
Tze Wei Yew (Alan)
Terbaik. 👍
Jepah Hujaii
Jepah Hujaii
staff peramah dan senang runding. fast responses

Stress-Free Moving System


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Our salesperson will communicate with you by calls or WhatsApp to identify your needs and quote our best price.


Frequently Asked Question

How much will it cost for a household move?

The cost of your move will depend on several factors, such as the distance you’re moving, the amount of belongings you have or size of lorry required. You can request quotes from our Salesperson to get an estimate of the cost.

How long does it take to move?

The time it takes to move depends on several factors, such as the distance you’re moving, the amount of belongings you have, and the day of the move. Usually it may take a day or two, first day for packing and pick up, second day for delivery.

What should I do if there’s any damage to my household?

If your household is damaged during the move, all damage should be noted on your Delivery Order form. Contact your Salesperson immediately to proceed with the damage report and reimbursement by following our guidelines. Terms and Conditions apply.

Do I need to provide packaging materials?

During consultation with our Salesperson, you will be brief whether you require packaging materials from our company or you can provide them. We can provide you with our high quality materials and will be charged in the quotation accordingly.

Does household move service include unpacking & dismantling goods or furniture?

No. Unpacking and dismantling boxes or furniture are included in special instructions. Special instructions such as removing the TV from wall mount and dismantling bed frame will be charged in quotation.