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East & West Malaysia

Nizaf Mover & Logistics Sdn Bhd offers vehicle shipping throughout all of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. We promise a hassle-free vehicle-shipping process that is safe, reliable and fast for our customers.

Easy to deal

Contact our professional salesperson at your nearest location and they will provide the quotation, documentations and advice. They are ready to serve you at any time.

Premium service

10 points vehicle inspection upon pick up by a professional team. We provide a tracking system to monitor your vehicle shipping status.


We will make sure your vehicle arrives safely and insurance guarantee in case something unexpected occurs.

Our Preferred Client

Why Choose Us?

MOF Registered

Trusted and registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance (MOF).

Marine Insurance

Safe with an insurance guarantee in case something unexpected happens.

Free Inspection

Free vehicle inspection upon pick up and before delivery to port or home.

Shipping Options

Shipping options are in accordance with the customer’s desired time, costs and situation.

Delivery Options

Here at Nizaf Mover, we prepared two different types of vehicle shipping options for our customers. They can choose either of these options based on their preferences, time and costs.

Port to Port

Customers will send their vehicle to the port. Nizaf Mover will arrange the shipping and documentation procedure from Port A to Port B. Customers will collect their vehicle at Port B once the ship arrives.

Door to Door

Nizaf Mover will pick up the vehicle at the customer’s home or given address and arrange the shipping & documentation procedure from Port A to Port B. Our team will deliver the vehicle to the customer’s final address. This is the best option and hassle-free.

From Start to Finish

We made sure your vehicle will be delivered safely to your location and the vehicle condition is exactly like when you gave us before delivery.


Contact our Salesperson


Choose Shipping by Container or RORO


Choose Door to Door or Port to Port


Get Quotation


Provide Required Documents


Vehicle Pick Up and Inspection


Shipment Booked


Vehicle Shipped from Port A to Port B


Customs Clearance


Pick up your vehicle at Port (Port to Port)


Delivery to your House (Door to Door)

Customer Feedback

Hafizuddieen Mahadi
Hafizuddieen Mahadi
Saya gembira untuk memberikan ulasan yang baik tentang NIZAF MOVER berdasarkan reputasi terbaik mereka. NIZAF MOVERS adalah pilihan terbaik untuk urusan pindah rumah. Mereka memberikan khidmat yang terbaik kepada pelangganannya mereka sangat profesional dan efisien. Pasukan mereka sangat terlatih dan berpengetahuan, memastikan bahawa proses pindah berjalan dengan lancar tanpa sebarang masalah. Selain itu, mereka mempunyai peralatan yang lengkap dan kenderaan yang bersih dan selamat, memberikan keyakinan kepada pengguna. Saya amat gembira dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh NIZAF MOVERS dan dengan senang hati mengesyorkan mereka kepada sesiapa yang mencari khidmat pindah rumah yang boleh dipercayai dan berkualiti.
continental top products
continental top products
Servis yang diberikan oleh pihak Nizaf Mover ini sangat terbaik. Saya tidak menerima sebarang aduan daripada pihak pelanggan saya yang berada di Sarawak. Saya sudah menggunakan lebih 3 kali servis penghantaran daripada pihak Nizaf Mover. Very recommended transporter.
Azman Hat
Azman Hat
Perkhidmatan penghantaran yg sgt cepat dan menepati masa dgn harga yg berpatutan.layanan dan service staf2 yg menguruskan penghantaran juga memuaskan dan barang 2 yg diterima jua selamat.
Aadila Rahimin
Aadila Rahimin
highly recommended..👍👍 Saya menggunakan service Nizaf Mover untuk perpindahan rumah area putrajaya. So harga sangat berbaloi untuk door to door . Semua barang dalam keadaan yang baik dan cara packing barang pun kemas tiada yang rosak. Semua staff dan pekerja very friendly..! very good
Farouk ZH
Farouk ZH
Servis penghantaran kereta pintu ke pintu terbaik, staff pun hebat hebat belaka dapat bagi detail lengkap dan tepat. Terima kasih Nizaf Mover 👍
Nas April
Nas April
Mantap bossku...saya doakan syarikat dapat terus berkembang mnjdi lebih maju dan dpt berikan khidmat yg lebih terbaik dimasa hadapan....insyaallah👍👍👍👍
Rudy Rosmainy Taib
Rudy Rosmainy Taib
Good Service and trusted. Recommended👍👍👍👍👍
Mohamad Sikdiq Sikdiq
Mohamad Sikdiq Sikdiq
Very satisfied because of the fast delivery of goods and quality packaging. It is highly recommended to use the services of this company
Used their service before back in 2020 and it was good.However,their recent service was BAD.Send enquiries and ask for quotation multiple times and their sales rep refuse to reply.Totally dissapointed.

Stress-Free Moving System


Start fill in the form


Get your quotation


Payment via online


Follow up with you


Book Your Vehicle Shipping Now

Our salesperson will communicate with you by calls or WhatsApp to identify your needs and quote our best price.


Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The cost will be based on a couple of things; pickup and delivery locations, distance, using container or RORO, type of vehicle and vehicle’s condition. To get the exact cost of your vehicle shipment, we recommend consulting with our Salesperson.

Can I place items in my vehicle?

No personal items are allowed to be shipped inside your car. Only emergency tools and spare tyres are allowed for safety reasons. Personal items inside your car are not insured by the insurance company. Any damages to the items will not be entertained.

How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

It all depends on the location and destination of the vehicle. On average vehicle shipments take 1-2 weeks from shipping date depending on shipping schedule.

Can I track my vehicle for status updates?

Yes. You can track the status of your vehicle shipping by our Order-Tracking system on our website with your order number (insert tracking link), or you can contact our Salesperson for more details.

What should I do if there’s any damage to my vehicle?

If your vehicle is damaged during shipping, all damage should be noted on your Delivery Order form. Contact your Salesperson immediately to proceed with the damage report and reimbursement by following our guidelines. Terms and Conditions apply.

What are the documents required for vehicle shipping?

Identification Document of the vehicle’s registered owner, vehicle’s grant, Insurance Cover Note and bank’s permission letter (If vehicle with existing loan). All documents are in copies only.